Why We're Celebrating 1 Year of Cake Cores!

Well, why not? Show me something worth having that comes easy? We celebrate this 1st year of Cake Cores, because these are no ordinary cake jars!

We're celebrating because it took a lot to get here... From spending an entire year before launching to figure out how to make the idea a reality: We use actual cake, not crumbs, in each jar! Learning and understanding the laws for this type of food production took some work: We are licensed by the Dept. of Agriculture and FDA compliant, and super proud to make these yummy desserts by hand, in small batches from scratch!

In 1 year we've gone through various techniques and processes to develop the recipies and methods for filling the jars and improving efficiency while considering the environment in our operation. From designing the labels and tags, and finding versatile gift packaging. To learning about shipping, and packaging for shipping. Considering the environment in our operation. Finding the right vendors and carriers, bootstrapping, and getting all the necessary equipment for processing and operating, sometimes spending more than we make as we progress in moving Cake Cores from idea to reality.

Then testing all the methods, and processes, and concoctions. Dealing with mishaps and periods of no sales, and actively contacting potential customer. Creating unique and personalized services to enhance customer experience. To filling large orders, for gifts and the holidays, while creating bespoke jars for smaller ones.

Is the vision complete by any means?
Nope! There is so much more we want to do. Like find an official ice-cream partner and make #sundaesareforcakecores a household refrain. Tweak some things so it better represents our brand and what you, our customers, are seeking, including more concoctions. We are also on a mission to get Cake Cores across the country!

Is it easy by any means? 
Nope!  Sometimes the idea of quitting and getting more sleep does seem very attractive.  But we're still going!

Is it worth it?
Yes! If we can't celebrate the little wins, how will we recognize the big ones? To see the smiles, and hear the joys of people digging into their jars with bliss, celebrating special occasions, sending them as a Thank you, and cheering others up, and hearing about jars licked clean is plenty motivation!

So glad we didn't give up! And we're so thankful for your support and encouragement! 1 year down and a lot more to go!

1 year of Cake Cores celebration sale is on! Visit www.cakecores.com to order yours today!

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