"Concoctions for the Cupcake Connoisseur!"

What is Cupcake Chromatography?

Cupcake Chromatography is a pun, that describes the scientific technique behind the creation of my concoctions and the educational aspect of my blog.

Chromatography is a scientific procedure that is used to separate a compound into its components. There are various types of chromatography; however, Cupcake Chromatography focuses on the identification of ingredients for sweet treats and their recombination to create unique flavors. 

Cupcake Chromatography originally started as a blog, demystifying scientific principles through cupcake making. Now, it is quickly developing into a budding small business that allows customers to purchase decadent cupcakes either from our unique list of concoctions or  create their very own!

About me (Nadia)

As a teenager I fell in love with food and nutrition and was frequently complimented on my cooking and baking. I wanted to start a dessert making business right out of high school; however, growing up in a family where everyone cooks and bakes well, when I was faced with the choice of taking culinary arts courses and attempting to start a business, or pursuing my interest in the physical sciences, my family thought that the latter was a better option.

After putting my baking on hold to complete a degree in Forensic Toxicology, I slowly started baking again for potluck events and friend’s birthdays and received great reviews. On one such occasion about 8 years ago I made my first cupcakes. I decorated them, arranged them into a small tower and took them to a get-together at a friend’s house. I placed the arrangement on the buffet table and there they were one minute, with everyone crowding around, admiring them, and there was the empty plate the very next. I received numerous compliments about how pretty they looked and how great they tasted and received subsequent orders for baby showers etc. There Cupcake Chromatography began!

My small business allows me to combine my love for food and nutrition, creative arts, dessert making, the physical sciences and even education and technology (through blogging) while using my concoctions to bring smiles, sweetness and great flavors to my customers. I’m always looking to challenge myself and create unique flavors, especially the concoctions my customers come up with. Some of my proudest concoctions thus far are my Kidney Cupcakes, Cranberry Vodka Cupcakes, Pumpkin Fruit Cake with Coconut Ginger Frosting, Mulling Spice Cake with Honey Walnut Frosting and Peanut Butter Pepperoni Cupcakes.


  • Ms. Vitri Photos 2012 Round Up featured my Caribbean Christmas and Cupcake Fusion: Sorrel Fruit Cakes
  • Video interview I did at BMCC, where worked full-time when I started blogging, featuring Ms. Yvonne Francis who also has a "sweet" business and myself, with my beautiful Cranberry Vodka cupcakes as the cover! (Special thanks to: Rachel, Mariusz and Louis)
  • My Ice-Cream Maki cupcake entry for the 2011 Ice-Cream Cupcake contest featured on Cupcake Project!

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