Bespoke Cakes

No borining cupcakes! Choose from our signature concotions or create your own. We can create a theme for any occasion! Custom cakes and cupcakes, from decorations to flavor. Small batch. From scratch.

Food Crafting Classes, Workshops and Parties

In small group sessions learn tips and tricks for decorating cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Work on projects individually or as team! Fun for all, in buttercream, royal icing and fondant!

Sweet Subscriptions

Perfect for Cake Connoisseurs and Corporate Customers! Get sweet treats on a schedule! Subscribe to a monthly concoction, or turn your quarterly meetings into celebrations!

Materials + Methods

  • 1. PREPARE

    Identify ingredients for sweet treats, and combine them to create unique cupcake flavors.

  • 2. BAKE

    Small batch, from scratch.

  • 3. SHARE

    Bring smiles, sweetness and great flavors to connoisseurs.

  • 4. TEACH

    Demystify scientifc principles through cupcake making, and bring people together with classes and events.

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