Order Bespoke Cakes

No boring cupcakes! Choose from our signature concotions or create your own. We can create a theme for any occasion! Custom cakes and cupcakes, from decorations to flavor. You have to try our Cake Cores! All made in small batches, from scratch.

Take a Food Crafting Class

In small group sessions learn tips and tricks for decorating cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Work on projects individually, or with your team during a workshop or party, for fun and fundraising! Fun for all, in buttercream, royal icing and fondant!

Get a Sweet Subscription

Perfect for Cake Connoisseurs and Corporate Customers! Get sweet treats on a schedule! Subscribe to a monthly concoction, or turn your quarterly meetings into celebrations!

Materials + Methods

What we do...
  • 1. PREPARE

    Identify ingredients for sweet treats, and create unique concoctions.

  • 2. BAKE

    Use a water bath technique, in small batches, from scratch.

  • 3. SHARE

    Deliver sweetness and hope to connoisseurs all over the country.

  • 4. TEACH

    Demystify scientifc principles through food crafting fun.

    Lab Notes

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