The Purple Collection

Get ready to indulge in a confectionary celebration of love, resilience, and sisterhood this Valentine's Day and Black History Month! 

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our limited-release "The Purple Collection”. Inspired by the Alice Walker novel The Color Purple, subsequent movies and musical. This is our version of fan art - foodie fan art! The themes of surviving and thriving; love, and unity; togetherness and self-awareness is what motivated this collection.

We couldn’t pass up this opportunity to celebrate black literature and artistry, using our medium of choice: Cake!

We’ve translated the main characters in to delectable Cake Cores concoctions, with accompanying treats to pay tribute to the enduring themes, with thoughtful nods to some of the iconic moments. It's the perfect way to treat yourself or share something special with the women who inspire you.

Dig into:

The NettieThe Sofia

The Shug: She is as unique as she is bold and confident. Cookies and cream pieces depict her checkered past, free spirit and love of life, as they dance through ube cake and icing. Sugar pearls highlight her style and grace! She’s the talk of the town, and evoke curiosity in everyone! 

The Nettie: She’s that friend that always checks for you. A comforting combination of peanut butter icing, embracing a fudgy, crunchy chocolate brownie. When life gets you down, she’ll never let you get too low! She radiates love, hope, joy, positivity, and promise. Studded with cacao nibs, an ode to her strength and unwavering support. Her existence is a comfort to the soul.

The Sofia: Don’t keep her waiting! Delicate velvet cake, but she packs a punch! You will see red, then turn purple! Sweet sugar sprinkles and buttercream she knows how to have fun. She’s clear about what she wants and will say it with her chest. Sophia will help you find your voice, and remind you to never settle for less.

The Celie: She’s proof that nothing is impossible! An unexpected success! She is here! Blossoming and blooming inspite of the odds! Forget what you knew, or anticipated, she’s ready to take up space, live her dreams, and nurture her legacy!

Custom Cookie Greetings like the letters that kept Celie and Nettie in contact. Chocolate Shot Cups for sweet sips at Harpo’s Juke Joint and more!

We  hope that you find it to be: A sweet and delicious way to acknowledge, and celebrate your worth, your relationships and your journey with a mix of bold flavors and hues of purple to satisfy, intrigue, and delight!  Some of your faves are staring, and new concoctions await your indulgence! 

Head over to the lab at ! See The Purple Collection and order today!  

With love and sweetness,

Team Cupcake Chromatography

No Copyright Infringement Intended

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