Introducing Cake Cores!

Updated: August 2022

About Cake Cores

Cake Cores are layered cakes, served in a jar! Yes, actual slices of cake, not crumbs :)! Made in small batches, from scratch! We ship them throughout the US from the Poconos!  It's like having a core from the center of a scrumptious layered cake (and looks like a core through the soil, we're nerds) and they are mostly named after precious metals and gems!

Cake Cores Specs

They come in 3 sizes: Micro, Macro and Mega!  If you choose not to share, there is also a discreet metric measure on each jar so you can keep an eye on how much you have left! ;) Cake Cores come in recyclable, BPA free jars, that are sealed for consumer protection. If repurposing, do not fill jars with water and freeze. Jars are heat safe up to 130 F.

Storing and Eating Cake Cores

If needed, store these delicious cakes for:
  • 7 days non-refrigerated at room temperature unopened
  • 3 weeks refrigerated
  • 3 months frozen
We recommend enjoying Cake Cores at room temperature when you receive them, or storing them in the refrigerator if saving for later. Refrigerate after opening.

Eat them like ice-cream just grab a spoon, or slice and scoop!

Cake Cores Concoctions

Cake Cores are available in 7 signature concoctions (flavors) year round:

Rose Gold - Layers of tender Vanilla Rose Cake and refreshing Strawberry Icing!  

Onyx - Moist Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Icing sandwiching a crunchy layer of Organic Cocoa Nibs! 

White Gold - Delicate Vanilla Cake, layered with White Chocolate Icing and Golden Toasted Coconut! 

Birth Day Yay! Alternating layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Cake and Chocolate and Vanilla icing topped with our signature sugar sprinkle concoction.

Topaz (Vegan) - Vanilla Cake, Tropical Pineapple filling; Luscious Vanilla Icing

Opal (Vegan) - Vegan - Vanilla Confetti Cake, Luscious Rainbow Vanilla Icing and Sugar Sprinkles

Bronzi (Vegan) - Fudgy Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter Icing, topped with Organic Cacoa Nibs

A number of seasonal concoctions are also available!

Cake Cores can be customized, allowing you to create your own concoction, add an edible message inside the jar, monogram or logo outside of the jar, and packaged with decor based on the occasion!  

Gifting Cake Cores

No more dust collectors! Give a gift that people actually know what to do with: Cake Cores!  There are five (5) box/ bag options for your Cake Cores that can be selected when ordering: 
  • 2 Jar Gift Box - White: This premium box holds 2 Cake Cores, making the perfect gift!
  • Stripped Kraft Box : This lovely earth-tone package holds 1 Cake Core!
  • Clear Vinyl Box: See right through to the core in this 1 jar box!
  • Draw String Gift Bag Silver / Gold: These elegant bags make the perfect statement and hold 1 jar!
Just add a label or a bow! They make the perfect marketing swag, thank you/ employee appreciation, get well soon, wedding and party favor or birthday gifts!

Buying Cake Cores in Large Quantities

Bulk pricing available when you order by the dozen and ship to one location! Pricing may vary based on flavor customization and shipping preferences. To add a special message or decorations inside each jar fill out our Bespoke Order form.

Cake Cores are typically shipped within 2 business days after placing your order, via 2 day shipping from USPS. If you need them on or by a specific date, please indicate when adding this item to your cart.

Cake Cores Tastings

Looking to place an order over $300, but want to try some Cake Cores first? Order our Assorted 4 pack below use Code: TASTECC or send us an email at  We'll credit 50% of the cost of the 4 pack when you place your order! 

See all the cool things we're doing with Cake Cores when you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages @cakecores !

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