QA Testing: Sleekstor Measuring Cups

As a baker and a scientist measuring is a major ingredient in any recipe or experiment, even if you're concocting your own.  For most people a measuring cup, is a measuring cup, is a measuring cup...  No more, no less... Nevermind, fumbling around with stiff  plastic or metal measuring cups to put them in a kitchen draw, and desperately shutting the draw at the first sign that it may be able to close... Or wresting with the plastic ring that comes with the set, trying to snap them back on so that you can hang them - that is if you haven't broken the ring with all the antics trying to get the cups on...

The Cost:
Armed with my $5 off $20 Bed, Bath coupon, two weeks ago, I invested in the Sleekstore measuring cups and a 4 pack of heat resistant spatulas all for about $16.00 including tax! (The Sleekstore usually sells for $14.99 before tax)

The Pros:
These measuring cups wash well in warm water, fold and unfold easily, and make connecting them UBER simple.
Simply put, the Sleekstor is A KITCHEN SAVER, especially if your are in places like NYC were having loads of space is definitely a luxury.  The concept behind these foldable measuring cups is a most ingenious one! As a baker and cake decorator you unconsciously end up with many gadgets that are often very cumbersome to store. With the Sleekstor, you have 8 less pieces of kitchen equipment to worry about. I feel like this post is starting to sound like and infomercial... But I assure you I am not being paid to promote this product. After going though some of the struggles described above I needed to replace my previous measuring cups. I had seen these for a while but because they were a little pricey as far as measuring cups go I was holding out for the perfect time. 
Sleekstor out of packing and 1cup measure unfolded

The Cons:
I, honestly, haven't found any...

The Rating:
As if you don't already know I love it... 5 out of 5!!! These measuring cups take up half the space my previous ones did and are well worth the price... (See below) I would have taken a comparison photo with the old measuring cups, but I quickly tossed them after I pulled the Sleekstor ones out  of the packaging.

Skeekstor Measuring Cups in draw with other kitchen tools.

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