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Did you know that you can eat cupcakes and burn off the calories raising funds, all for a great cause? How? Simply join the Cupcake Chromatography Cake Walkers Team for the 2012 AIDS Walk New York.

Joining the team is FREE! As a group we will collectively decide on our donation goal and achieve it by setting up some fund raisers (ideas will be provided) including canvasing friends and family.  During the fund raising process our team will meet up occasionally to sample some of my experiments and discuss our progress and strategy. After we meet our goal, we will then participate in the walk on May 20th, 2012.

If you aren't a walker or aren't in the New York area, no problem! You may still join our team as a Virtual Walker and help us raise funds or make donations and get the inside scoop on team activities.

Join the Cake Walkers walking team and you can:
  • Raise funds for AIDS service organizations (and participate in other philanthropic events/walks)
  • Have your own donation website for the AIDS Walk
  • Compete with other AIDS walk teams to win prizes
  • Network with team members and cupcake enthusiasts
  • Attend meetups to sample some of my latest cupcake concoctions
  • Begin training for the walk and feel less guilty about indulging in cupcakes!

Image from AIDS Walk New York

Full Disclosure: Joining the team does not cost anything beside the commitment to raise funds, the cost of a team T-shirt and possibly contributions to setup fund raising events. The price of the T-shirt will depend on the size of our team: more members = lower T-shirt price, unless we get someone to donate them!


For more information:

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