National Cupcake Day 2011!

Today, December 15th, is recognized by cupcake fanatics as National Cupcake Day. Since, it is my first National Cupcake Day as a Cupcake Blogger and I did not have time to do any experimenting, I wanted to take this opportunity to make special note of the following:

My Supporters: 

A heartfelt THANK YOU to my ever supportive friends, family and web crawlers who have been my die-hard lab rats, tasting, suggesting, challenging my skills and giving feedback on the best and worse of my experiments (listed and unlisted :/) week after week, liking and commenting on my links on Facebook and on the blog, encouraging me and egging me on as I make my cupcake dreams a reality. There are too many of you to list but you all know who you are... You're reading this post right now and I thank you!!!

The Most Inspiring Blog I've Followed This Year:

Steph of Cupcake Project, whose blog I stumbled upon when I was scouring the web to see if the names I wanted for my own blog were already taken...  THANK YOU!  When I found Cupcake Project it was like striking gold. I don't think that there is a cupcake Steph has not tried and like me, I think her mind set is somewhere along the lines of "the sky is the limit".  She continues to find the most awesome concoctions to present and her blog is like a cupcake encyclopedia.  Her creativity has absolutely helped to inspire mine throughout this year and has resulted in a journal of my very own experiments to carry out in due time. (Check out her National Cupcake Day feature on

The Best Cupcake I've had all Year:

As a cupcake experimenter, I must say I am very picky about my cupcakes and definitely very bias to my own. However, I am all about giving praise where it is due. Though this year is not quite over yet, I must salute and say THANK YOU to Crumbs Bake Shop's for their cupcake of the month: Peppermint Hot Cocoa Cupcake; the best cupcake I've had all year! Hands down!

When a friend surprised me with this cupcake I was thrilled! Usually I'm the one giving the cupcakes,  but it felt so good to be receiving and by the time I got wind the the peppermint and chocolate flavors throughout the cupcake I was in heaven!

Hope you had a cupcake anyway, Happy National Cupcake Day!

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