Cloning the Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle is a quite popular baby shower theme, which I was totally oblivious to until a few weekends ago... I was tasked with creating a cake to tie into this theme for a welcoming baby shower for the latest addition to my family. Excited, as always, I began brain storming and my cousin suggested I take a look at the dessert napkin to get a sense of the color scheme. When I saw it, I confess it didn't hit me right away... (Minds involved in science tend to do a lot of over thinking...)  Nevertheless, I began dying fondant in the various colors to match the theme somedays before anyway.

Not quite sure what I was going to do yet, I must have looked at the napkin online and my colored fondant about a 100 times before I printed it out and looked at it some more... Then it hit me ( as usual)... Just duplicate it!
Queen of the Jungle Dessert Napkin

My Cake Clone of the Dessert Napkin

I must have been really tired that weekend, because with all the trouble I had deciding how to decorate the cake, it didn't occur to me until after I had made the clone to do a SIMPLE google search to see if anyone had done it before... When I did I was speechless!  (Google: Queen of the Jungle Cakes, to see some other spins on this theme)

The most difficult decorating feat for this cake must have been the tiger's face, but not really as I got a lot of animal face training when I did the Monkeys a few months ago. The spots were simple fondant circles cut-out in the various colors (Thank you to my little cousin who assisted me tirelessly with those :)) stuck on a basic fondant covered cake.

For this shower, I also experimented with my first Cake Pops, which accompanied this cake along with some sleeping baby cupcakes!

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