Shower and Showers

While the New York area was preparing for Hurricane Irene showers a few weekends ago, I was prep-ing for a shower of a different sort.  A friend of mine pitched the idea for a pamper baby shower for a close friend of hers. The theme was pampers (as in diapers for the babe) and pampering (as in spa for the mom) and I was charged with making a cake and cupcakes to match.

The cake flavor was my standard chocolate and vanilla cakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream. A small cake for the top tier and cupcakes to assort on the bottom. (The cake stand is one of the 5 styles I concocted from one of my earlier posts Necessity is the Mother of Invention)

The small cake is what I call the baby bottom cake... And on the cupcakes you will see the pampers and the spa elements: nail polish, bubble bath, towels and flip flops. I really had a chance to sharpen my decorating skills on this creation.

Since I didn't actually attend the event I'm not sure how it was all put together on the stand, but I imagine it was gorgeous! Congrats to the Mom to be! 


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