Icing Titratiaon: Kermit Cupcakes

A friend asked me to make some Kermit the frog cupcakes for her son's birthday and naturally I was excited! While in the process of turning the Vanilla Frosting into a nice Kermit colored green -or close- I couldn't help but draw a reference to Titration.

Titration is a scientific procedure used to conduct a volumetric analysis. Titration can be used to determine the specific concentration of an analyte, and is usually conducted between two substances in liquid form.  An indicator is mixed in with the analyte and changes color as the titrant is added and the reaction begins. To perform a successful tirtation, small amounts of titrant are dripped (using a buret) into the flask containing the analyte and stirred until a persistent color appears.

In the case of my Kermit green frosting, the green food coloring was my titrant being added 3 drops at a time to my frosting, which became the analyte for this purpose, and my spatula was my stirring rod! Adding the coloring drip by drip was painstaking but necessary to ensure that I didn't go over board and end up with a Hunter green lol...  I was initially trying to keep track of the drops but then I lost count. I must have added at least 50 drops of green and a tad bit of yellow to get the shade in the image below.

All in all, I had fun re-creating Kermit in an edible form, and would say the "titration" was successful as I was told the cupcakes were a huge hit!

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