22 Easy and Creative Ways to Recycle your Cake Cores Jars

Love Cake Cores but concerned about their impact on the environment?  Fortunately, there are many ways to recycle these jars and give them a new life! In this article, we will explore 22 easy and creative ways to recycle your Cake Cores jars!

Use them for food storage: Since all Cake Cores jars are BPA free have screw-on lids, they are perfect for storing food items such as cereals, nuts, and snacks. They can also be used to store leftovers or to pack lunches for school, work or picnics.
Store craft supplies: Jars can be used to store craft items such as beads, buttons, and sequins. You can also use them to store paints, markers, and other art supplies.
Create a spice rack: You can use Micro 4oz jars to create a spice rack by labeling each jar with the name of the spice and attaching it to a wooden board or magnet. Get our magnetic upcycle kit in the lab, to create these easily!
Organize your bathroom: Use Macro 12 oz or Mega 32 oz plastic jars to store cotton balls, Q-tips, and other bathroom essentials. You can also use them to store hair ties and bobby pins.
Create a sewing kit: Use plastic jars to store sewing supplies such as needles, thread, and buttons.
Store hardware: Use plastic jars to store screws, nails, and other small hardware items. You can purchase our magnetic upcycle kit here, it includes magnets and dry erase labels to make this super simple.
Make a desktop trash can: Use the Mega 32oz Cake Cores jars to create a small trash can at your desk. Perfect for spent post-its, snips of paper, and candy wrappers.
Store cleaning solutions: Use plastic jars to store cleaning solutions such as scrub creams, baking soda and dishwasher tabs.
Create a mini greenhouse: Eat up your Cake Cores and use the plastic jars to create a mini greenhouse!  Wash jars, add soil and plant seeds. Place the jar in a sunny spot. Voila!
Store pet food: The jars are food safe! Use them to store pet food and treats. The screw-on lids will keep the food fresh and prevent spills.
Create a bird feeder: Use plastic jars to create a bird feeder by cutting a hole in the lid and filling the jar with birdseed.
Store office supplies: Use plastic jars to store office supplies such as paper clips, rubber bands, and push pins. Find our magnetic upcycle kit in the lab, it includes magnets and dry erase labels to make this super simple.
Create a first aid kit: Use your empty Cake cores jars to create a first aid kit by storing bandages, antiseptic, and other supplies.
Store small toys: Use Mega 32oz jars to store small toys such as Legos or marbles.
Create a DIY snow globe or diorama: Stick miniature figurines on the inside lid of a Cake Cores jar, and  create a DIY snow globe by filling the jar with water, glitter. Use hot glue around the rim after closing the lid to make water tight.
Store small electronics: Use plastic jars to store small electronics such as earbuds or charging cables.
Create a DIY piggy bank: Use plastic jars to create a DIY piggy bank by cutting a slot in the lid and decorating the jar.
Store gardening supplies: Use plastic jars to store gardening supplies such as plant markers, seeds, gloves, and small tools.
Create a mini terrarium: Use plastic jars to create a mini terrarium by filling the jar with soil and small plants.
Store beauty products: Use plastic jars to store beauty products such as face creams, hair ties, and bobby pins.
Create a DIY snowman: Use the 3 sizes of Cake Cores jars to create a DIY snowman by painting the jars white, filling with cotton balls, or plain sheets of white paper. Add a hat and scarf. Done!
Store small kitchen tools: Use plastic jars to store small kitchen tools such as measuring spoons, vegetable peelers, and pastry brushes.

Bonus - Create a memory jar:  Perfect for upcycling the Mega 32oz jar, write notes to your future self about things you don’t want to forget and save them in the jar. Read them at the end of the year.

Though your Cake Cores jars cannot be frozen with liquid, they are heat safe up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them top rack dishwasher safe! These jars are also BPA free, with a reclosable lid, which make them useful for many purposes. So, the next time you finish up your cake consider one of these 23 creative ways to upcycle your Cake Cores jars and give them a new life.

Want to share how you’ve upcycle your empty Cake Cores jars? Comment below, or email us for a feature.

Happy Earth Day!

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