My 2015 in Cake!

Every year comes with its challenges, its opportunities, revelations, failures and successes. Last year, was full of all of those, but wonderful none the less. This is a quick look back of some of the great cake projects I had the pleasure of working on in 2015. 

From the bottom left: Believe it our not, it's the #FCOTY Cranberry Pepsi Cupcakes! I haven't finished writing up that post yet (i know a WHOLE year later), but it was pretty amazing what that experimentation uncovered and I hope to finish it up soon so that I can share. I did award the winner of the contest on time so that was a little win! Congrats again Keri! And thanks to everyone who participated!!

Next was our New Year celebration cake and was the cake that kicked off 2015. Next, the Cake Walkers cupcake concoctions for the AIDS Walk New York 2015! They were Strawberry Cookies and Cream and Carrot Cupcakes. I'm so thankful for the continued support of our walking team each and every year. Last year we raised $650 to support organizations that treat people suffering from HIV, all while eating cupcakes!! We hope to do the same this year.

The cupcakes with the butterfly toppers were for a co-workers baby shower. Above that is my pride and joy of 2015, I first official whole wedding cake!!! Designed by yours truly. Isn't it a beauty? Congrats Steve and Joann! Thanks of giving me this wonderful opportunity!

To the left of the wedding master piece is house warming sheet cake I had a fun time brining to life. It was a replica of of the e-vite for the event. Just above that was obviously a birthday cake, but it was my first stab at creating a wood look on fondant!! (I know, could have had a better photo :( ) That's one thing about cake, you can't have it and eat it too. When it's gone, it's gone!

Then there were the Beer-Day cakes! Using beer cans, with customized labels as a cupcake stand, I stacked vanilla and strawberry cookies and cream cupcakes on this surprise display for a special gentleman ;) . Above that a 2 tiered Tiffany blue bling display cake actually the last cake of 2015

The 2nd and 3rd images from the top were my second (very successful) attempt at a vegan cake. Everything is better with chocolate! Then in the top right was an Easter themed cake with a modeled fondant bunny and cross (wood look again) it was actually part of the the birthday cake I mentioned before.

And last but not least! The one I'm most proud of. Now I'll start by saying that it did not at all come out exactly as I was hoping. However the design was there and this taught me so much more about this craft, which is why I'm super proud and thankful. The couple loved it and enjoyed eating it even more and that's all that matters!

While I didn't work on as many project through out last year, I did make some time to expand in another direction: I became a Certified WMI!! This is a huge deal for me as I enjoy sharing what I know and it will also aid in improving my skills. Can't wait to share more about this with you in 2016.

And there you have it my 2015 in cake!

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