5 of the Easiest Halloween Treats and Styling Ideas!

Photo by Fine Dining Lovers

So it's the night before Halloween! If you're scrambling for a quick, easy impressive way to style sweet treats for your special event look no further! I've searched the web and uncovered 5 of the simplest halloween treats and styling ideas that you can make as cute, as they will be tasty! And if you want to take it up a notice, you can always attempt our glow in the dark cupcake! ;) (Updated October 8th 2017)

First up: Grave Yard Pudding Cups! Thank Snack Pack  for this wonderful idea. You can conceivably use any cookie that would give you a tomb stone look. Use this styling to serve ice-cream or a dip for chips and such!!

Next: Brain Cupcakes from Wilton!!! I've tried these before a few years ago. Pretty simple! All you need is cake and frosting! No tip number 12? No problem. Fill a Ziplock bag, poke a hole in one corner and get busy! Add a little red piping gel around the base for a bloody effect.

Third: Glowing Eyes Bat Cupcakes! Okay, can this be any simpler??? Came across this one on BuzzNet. Dark chocolate cake with M&M's stuck on the top! Need frosting? Frost those bad boys and cover with crumbled Oreo cookies. If you have black fondant on hand even easier!

Then these: Bloody Cupcakes by Fine Dining Lovers! So simple, yet effective! Cover a cupcake in icing, smooth it out, and use a tube with red piping gel or piping bag with strawberry jelly and scratch into the icing as you squeeze the gel. Or go the fondant route and voila!

Finally: Worms in the Dirt Cupcake! Good to Know right? I stumbled upon their website and this super simple styling. Crumbled cookies or cake, gummy worms, DONE!

Now, if you want to really make them impressive, use Wilton tip 104 or similar and black sugar pearls to make mummy cupcakes. Grab a blacklight from your local hardware store (department stores sometimes sell them during this time) and follow the instructions in our previous post on glow in the dark cupcakes !

Happy Halloween!

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