QA Testing: Toothpicks (15 Uses for Toothpicks in Cupcake Making)

Cupcake Toppers in the making
You've seen them! Long ones, short ones, wooden ones, plastic ones, colored ones, decorated ones, plain ones, pointed ones, blunt ones, flavored ones, even individually wrapped ones! Yes, I'm talking about toothpicks! How much have you really thought about a toothpick? See 15 ways that I have used toothpicks in cupcake making, and learn the science behind how they are made.

To say that I am a bit obsessed with how things are made might be an understatement... :/ So it goes without saying that I enjoy a good episode of "How It's Made". lol Nevertheless, I confess that I am easily entertained by the revelation of how some of the things we take for granted come to be. Like toothpicks... While working on a cupcake order in the lab one day I put the cakes to bake and I began cleaning up as usual. I'm not sure what was different on that day but while clearing the counter I noticed the pile of used toothpicks that had accumulated throughout the process and thought I'd share. Their shape, size and disposable nature make them a staple for me while baking.

Here are 15 Uses for Toothpicks in Cupcake Making:

1. Testing baked cake for readiness
2. Adding gel colors to fondant, colored sugar or frosting
3. Tasting batter and frosting
4. Cleaning edges on fondant decorations
5. Picking stray eggs shells out of eggs
6. Making prints/indentations or writing on fondant
7. Pinning together a tiered cupcake
8. Cleaning crevices on cake mixers, attachments and fondant cutters
9. Attaching decorations to cakes
10. Poking holes in cupcakes before soaking them with alcohol
11. Cleaning up excess frosting hanging off a cupcake.
12. Gently and slightly shifting piped decorations on a cake
13. Making cake toppers/ decorations e.g.. Flags
14. Smoothing on royal icing for a flooded effect
15. Reducing air pressure in tied icing bags

Watch the quick video below to see How it's Made! :D

Can you guess the ways toothpicks were used to put this cake and cupcake arrangement together?

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