Quick Concoction: Poached Egg Cupcake Experiment

Fresh Banana Walnut Waffles, draped with Creamy Nuttela, served with a Poached Egg Cupcake on a bed of fresh tomato slices, smeared with Hot Pepper Sauce.  A simple, decadent and mouthwatering experiment that is well balanced, as far as nutrition goes and attacks your craving from sweet and savory simultaneously!  If you usually have cereal for breakfast, your taste buds will thank you for the investment of a few extra minutes to make these!

These waffles were made from a prepackaged batter mix, that I doctored with ripe bananas and walnuts, and cooked in a Belgian Waffle maker. If you don't have a waffle maker, this concoction makes awesome pancakes too! Nutella you can find almost anywhere. The hot pepper sauce is from Trinidad and Tobago, the Scotch Bonnet variety,  and if you know anything about pepper, you know this one is HOT! And well the eggs are... Eggs :)  The only thing "special" you will need is a silicone baking cupcake cup.

Though it may not be fair to call this a cupcake, but maybe an egg cup... The coolest things about this experiment are: 1) You actually see your eggs cook from the outside inward in a really neat way, (which I tried to capture in the photos below) and 2) When the nutella and pepper sauce come together in your mouth, the taste and sensation are indescribably amazing!

How to make a Poached Egg "Cupcake"/ Egg Cup :

2 cups water
2 eggs (depends on how many you want to make)
2 silicone baking cups

In a sauce pot place, 2 cups of water (just enough water for the baking cups to float since they will sink a little when the egg goes in). With the heat on high, allow the water to simmer, and place the silicone baking cup inside. Crack one egg and pour it slowly and gently in to the baking cup. Allow the water the come to a boil and lower the stove a little so that the water does not bubble into the egg cup and watch the egg cook!  
Note:When the egg was visibly cooked throughout the bottom, I added a table spoon of the hot water on the top of the egg just to make sure the top of yolk was not runny.

Cooking the eggs took about 20 minutes for me since I'm not fond of runny eggs. Also because the egg is concentrated in a cup, as opposed to the wide surface area you have while frying or doing a traditional poaching, that definitely added to the cooking time. I guess this method is in between a steam and poach. Nevertheless, it was sooooo worth it for some pure unadulterated eggs!

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