Pinot Noir au Chocolat 2:1

Love is mixing the bitter with the sweet, 
tangy with the creamy, 
dark with the light, 
bright with the dull, 
richness with elegance, 
boldness with a kick,
taking the stability of independence and forming togetherness, 
combining two and making one! 

My Valentine's Day Cupcake Collection: 2:1

Love means something different to everyone...  However, it can come in a cupcake: Pinot Noir au Chocolat Cupcakes!

Valentine's Day is usually associated with Flowers, Chocolates (White and Dark), Candy and Wine and it occurred to me that I could drum up an awesome recipe with all of the Valentine's treats I love (except the flowers - I prefer to watch them vs. eat them).  I combined a 2009 Pinot Noir with unsweetened chocolate to make what I call Pinot Noir au Chocolat Cupcakes. I then whipped up a White Chocolate Mousse topping and made combination hearts out of fondant to garnish.

Happy Valentine's Day My Loves!

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