Cupcake Evolution: The Inedible Cupcake

Washcloth Cupcakes found on
Charles Darwin, the scientist famed for his theory on evolution, purports that overtime, living things adapt and evolve based on their surroundings.

It's no secret that cupcakes are a staple in today's world, cute personal sized treats that can be made in any flavor under the sun - sweet or savory- are used to  send a message, offer sympathy, say congratulations, create a center piece or display and simply be eaten. Cupcakes have become a part of everyday life, so much that even people who can't have them can find other ways to enjoy them.

No longer do you have to worry about how sweet or moist a cupcake is and whether they jive with your diet or health concerns... A new trend in cup cake making, is the inedible cupcake.

True to life and expertly decorated, you defintely have to take a double look before you try to bite into one.

Cupcake Soaps found on
While perusing I found an awesome display of washcloth cupcakes and cake pops, even cupcake soaps!

Want to make your own inedible cupcake? See the tutorial below:

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