QA Testing Review: Wondering about Martha's Batter Bottle?

I was perusing the kitchen equipment department at my local Macy's and I came across the Martha Stewart Batter Bottle.  Now, before I noticed the brand name the first thing I thought was..."OMG the Cupcake Pen comes is blue? Nice!" But when I saw it was labeled Martha I began my inspection.

I turned the bottle over and over, up and down, felt it and squeezed it trying to see what made the Batter Bottle different from the Cupcake Pen. It definitely didn't look different, except it's nice blue color, compared to the brown on the Cupcake Pen. The price was not better; it was actually more expensive and 20% off (Macy's most common discount) would only bring the price to the original cost of the Cupcake Pen. The bottle has the same removable parts, shape and size.

All in all, the only difference is the color. So if you want a blue Cupcake Pen... I mean Batter Bottle ;)... Check out my review here for more information.

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