Sprinkles Can Help You Lose Weight?

This is why I love science, you never know what will be discovered next!

It's no secret that most people over eat... You begin with the appetizer, then the main course and though you know you had your fill, just seeing a yummy cupcake or any type of desert changes everything!

Yesterday I stumbled upon Hollywood's New Diet Secret: Appetite Control | How Life Works. The article discusses a product called Sensa that you can sprinkle over any type of food to help control your appetite.

So How does Sensa work? The creator of Sensa came up with the idea, after his research showed that ones senses of smell and taste send signals to the brain which creates the feeling of hunger. The smell and taste of Sensa is said to curb those signals to make you feel less hungry and intrinsically lose weight.

Though it seems the product has been out for a while now, I don't know anyone personally who has tried it... But if you have please feel free to leave some feedback.

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