QA Testing: Cupcake Pen Review

After using ice-cream scoops, measuring cups, spoon, icing bags and cookie dough scoops to try to get cupcake batter in to pans with minimal spillage, I've finally discovered the Cupcake Pen!

The Cost:
 $10 at Bed, Bath and Beyond; less if you have a coupon! ;)

The Pros:
The Cupcake Pen looks like a water bottle, except both top and bottom covers and nozzle are removable for easy cleaning. Its sleek design makes it easy to hold, squeeze and store as well as measure the volume of batter in the bottle. (One full bottle is enough batter for 12 cupcakes). The bottle also contains a narrow nozzle that is ideal for filling mini and regular sized cupcake pans; I even used it for waffle batter!

The Cons:
There is an annoying rubber ring in the bottom cover that helps keep the bottle closed tightly; however the rubber comes out very easily and once stretched becomes very difficult to set back in place. Luckily the Cupcake Pen still functions well without the rubber. In addition, depending on the consistency of the batter you use in the pen you may have to open the bottom and scrap the sides of the bottle to reduce waste. This happened with my cupcakes and waffels... (The batter remaining on the sides is enough for one WHOLE cupcake! Who wants to waste that?!) Lastly, if the nozzle on the top is not slid back into its proper position you can end up with a huge mess on your hands!

The Rating:
I would rate the Cupcake Pen a 4 out of 5, since it is probably the best piece of equipment I've tried that does not drip, does not require multiple scooping actions to fill one cup and is also easy to clean.

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