5 of the Easiest Halloween Treats and Styling Ideas!

Photo by Fine Dining Lovers

So it's the night before Halloween! If you're scrambling for a quick, easy impressive way to style sweet treats for your special event look no further! I've searched the web and uncovered 5 of the simplest halloween treats and styling ideas that you can make as cute as they will be tasty!

First up: Grave Yard Pudding Cups! Thank Snack Pack  for this wonderful idea. You can conceivably use any cookie that would give you a tomb stone look. Use this styling to serve ice-cream or a dip for chips and such!!

Next: Brain Cupcakes from Wilton!!! I've tried these before a few years ago. Pretty simple! All you need is cake and frosting! No tip number 12? No problem. Fill a Ziplock bag, poke a hole in one corner and get busy! Add a little red piping gel around the base for a bloody effect.

Third: Glowing Eyes Bat Cupcakes! Okay, can this be any simpler??? Came across this one on BuzzNet. Dark chocolate cake with M&M's stuck on the top! Need frosting? Frost those bad boys and cover with crumbled Oreo cookies. If you have black fondant on hand even easier!

Then these: Bloody Cupcakes by Fine Dining Lovers! So simple, yet effective! Cover a cupcake in icing, smooth it out, and use a tube with red piping gel or piping bag with strawberry jelly and scratch into the icing as you squeeze the gel. Or go the fondant route and voila!

Finally: Worms in the Dirt Cupcake! Good to Know right? I stumbled upon their website and this super simple styling. Crumbled cookies or cake, gummy worms, DONE!

Happy Halloween!

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