We combine sweets with science! Cupcake Chromatography, through careful experimentation, creates decadent desserts and fun learning experiences to feed your sweettooth, while making STEM education more palatable!

We’re on a mission to spread sweetness and hope to our customers, whom we call connoisseurs, through our concoctions and classes which are inspired by physical science. We make your sweet purchase even sweeter! A portion of proceeds funds scholarships and non-profits promoting stem education in underserved communities.

  • Enjoy delicious desserts, made in small batches, from scratch, for everyday indulgence, and unique gourmet gifting

  • Experience the joy of connecting with family and friends around a beautifully designed and decadent bespoke cake for a special celebration.

  • Have fun and explore new skills with our Food Crafting Classes and Events

  • Learn fun science facts with each product/ purchase

What is Chromatography?

Chromatography is a scientific procedure that is used to separate a compound into its components. There are various types of chromatography; however, Cupcake Chromatography focuses on the identification of ingredients for sweet treats and their recombination to create unique flavors and unique experiences! 

How We Started

Cupcake Chromatography originally started as a blog, demystifying scientific principles through cupcake making. Now, it is quickly developing into a budding small business that allows Connoisseurs (our customers) to enjoy decadent desserts, like our signature Cake Cores, and fun learning experiences, through our food crafting classes, to feed your sweettooth, while making STEM education more palatable.

About the Owner

As a teenager Nadia fell in love with food and nutrition and was frequently complimented on her cooking and baking. She wanted to start a dessert making business right out of high school; however, growing up in a family where everyone cooks and bakes well, when she was faced with the choice of taking culinary arts courses and attempting to start a business, or pursuing her interest in the physical sciences, her family decided that the latter was a better option.

After putting baking on hold to complete a degree in Forensic Toxicology, Nadia slowly started baking again for potluck events and friend’s birthdays and received great reviews. On one such occasion about 10 years ago she made her first cupcakes. She decorated them, arranged them into a small tower and took them to a get-together at a friend’s house. When she placed the arrangement on the buffet table the cute cupcakes were there one minute, with everyone crowding around, admiring them, and then there was an empty plate the very next! Nadia received numerous compliments about how pretty they looked and how great they tasted and received subsequent orders for baby showers, weddings and more! There Cupcake Chromatography, the business, began!

Nadia began this small business as a means to combine her love for food and nutrition, creative arts, dessert making, the physical sciences and even education and technology,  while using unique concoctions to bring smiles, sweetness, hope and great flavors to our customers, whom we call Connoisseurs!

We're always looking for a challenge to create unique flavors, especially the concoctions our connoisseurs can create. Some of our proudest concoctions thus far are: Kidney Cupcakes, Cranberry Vodka Cupcakes, Pumpkin Fruit Cake with Coconut Ginger Frosting, and Peanut Butter Pepperoni Cupcakes!

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Guided by our mission to spread sweetness and hope, and driven by our goal to make STEM education more palatable we use a portion of proceed from our sales to support educational institutions and non-profit working to advance STEM education in under represented communities.

Contact Us

Cupcake Chromatography is a fully online operation based in Analomink, PA. Bespoke orders are accepted online only and delivered and shipped from our Pocono Cake Lab. We offer classes throughout Pennsylvania, and travel around the US to facilitate events.

Mailing Address: 1635 Cherry Lane Road Unit 5, Analomink, PA
Phone: 570-534-4512
Email: info@cupcakechromatography.com

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