5 of the Easiest Halloween Treats and Styling Ideas!

Photo by Fine Dining Lovers

So it's the night before Halloween! If you're scrambling for a quick, easy impressive way to style sweet treats for your special event look no further! I've searched the web and uncovered 5 of the simplest halloween treats and styling ideas that you can make as cute as they will be tasty!

Crunchy Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Concoction

As the world prepares for Halloween I figured it would be fitting to take a stab at something that scares me. Now I have messed with vegan cake, and created a glow in the dark vegan frosting. But I have always wanted to try a chocolate one. I've had many doubts about how this would taste, even after seeing a few around the web that look so decadent. So today, on a whim and a chocolate craving, correction: a chocolate cake craving, I decided to face my fears.
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