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ALERT: The images you are about to see may cause sudden mouth watering, oohs and aahhs. We recommend that you keep something sweet on hand (preferably a cupcake) before attempting to view these photos...

Wedding Cakes

Birthday Cakes

 Sculpted Cakes


Character Cakes

Video Bench

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(May 4, 2013) Kevin Thompson said:
I have had the pleasure of having custom made cupcake chromatography desserts for two events I hosted...Besides the taste being delicious the presentation was equally desirable...All I had to do was provide a concept and the rest was taken care of...Highly recommended.

(Oct 9, 2012) Debbie said:

I had the pleasure of tasting and enjoying both cupcakes and cake, and my taste buds were tickled! My mouth watered with every bite as I delved into a rich batter topped with a creamy and tasty almost custard-like whipped finish. I must say I enjoyed every morsel and if you are planning a special occasion, you should definitely give Cupcake Chromatography a try. You will not be disappointed!


  1. I had the pleasure of trying Cupcake Chromatography's "Cake in a Jar". The jar had within it cake layered with several types of icing. Each bite contained moist white cake and the wonderful flavors of carmel and butter cream icing, topped with sprinkles. My husband and I truly enjoyed each spoon of the goodness and can't wait to try the other cake creations that Cupcake Chromatography have to offer.

    1. Thank you so much for these kind words!! We look forward to providing you with more goodness, and can't wait to have you try some more of our concoctions!


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