Please follow the instructions below to see results of some Cupcake Chromatography...

Step 2: Scroll down
Step 3: Press the play button.

Note: The images you are about to see may cause sudden mouth watering. We recommend that you keep something sweet on hand (preferably a cupcake) before attempting to view these photos...


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(May 4, 2013) Kevin Thompson said:
I have had the pleasure of having custom made cupcake chromatography desserts for two events I hosted...Besides the taste being delicious the presentation was equally desirable...All I had to do was provide a concept and the rest was taken care of...Highly recommended.

(Oct 9, 2012) Debbie said:

I had the pleasure of tasting and enjoying both cupcakes and cake, and my taste buds were tickled! My mouth watered with every bite as I delved into a rich batter topped with a creamy and tasty almost custard-like whipped finish. I must say I enjoyed every morsel and if you are planning a special occasion, you should definitely give Cupcake Chromatography a try. You will not be disappointed!
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